Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jia's first snowball

Jia was afraid of the "snow" and wouldn't touch it till Mom did
Notice Drew is far, far away

When Jia found out Mom was wearing a scarf, she needed one too
Also note, this is her own hair do

WELL, less than 24 hours after my "you never write, you never call" type blog entry I received one from my older children. Wow, it's a lot of work being a long distance Mom!

Today we did chores, since I wore a scarf Jia needed one too, doesn't she look fabulous?

We had to go to the bank to get my letter signed giving Drew permission to take Jia out of the US (I still think it's funny that she is American and he is not.)

Our bank is right next to the ice arena, so we asked Jia if she wanted to see snow (the piles from the zamboni) she seemed reluctant but said okay. When she saw it she wouldn't touch it until I did, and then the three of us ended up having a little snowball fight. By that time she thought it was pretty cool (no pun intended) and wanted to stay. We had to promise to bring her back another day. So I guess we can say that Jia had her first snowball fight right here in Florida!

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