Monday, July 5, 2010


Our Sweet Chinese-American Girl

Jia took this picture!

The most photogenic person in the world!

Sparklers with Daddy

Josie-before the attack

Jia loves to strike poses

Did you know that fireworks originated in China.
In Guangzhou we saw the most spetctacular ones of our lives on New Years Eve
Even better than Disney World

Jia loves her big sisters soooo much

Two of my baby girls

Happy 4th a day late. We had doggie trauma for the last two days....I made a bad mistake and bought the little dogs some bones, well there was a bone war and Josie got hurt, I was worried sick until today, she seems to be making a recovery. Our plans yesterday were for a pool picnic (rained out) and then go over to Ellen's house to see the fireworks. She lives on a lake with a clear view of the fireworks that they set off on a barge in the ocean. I couldn't go because I was worried about Josie and she wouldn't let us pick her up and put her in a confined area. (For once I really wanted to go somewhere and I couldn't) Katie stayed home with me. She had a bad experience as a toddler and has never really liked to go there. It is kind of dangerous, because not only are you watching the official fireworks, but there are a whole lot of drunk people all around you shooting off things indiscriminately. Anyway, the pictures above were taken by both Anna and Jia. " God Bless our troops serving overseas! (Especially my former students in the Armed Forces-stay safe) I thank God for giving me the privilege of living in this country where brave men and women throughout history have fought for the rights of the individual. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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