Friday, April 16, 2010

The Roaring 20"s

Tonight the big girls were invited to a formal Roaring 20's party for one of their friends' 16th birthday. It was in a clubhouse with invitations that looked like they were from a wedding.

Katie really got into the spirit . I took her to the Salvation Army and she found a very sparkly dress for $7.00, she researched hairstyle and even bought gold high heels.

Anna, who only every wears pants was not as enthusiastic. She borrowed a dress from Katie, I gave her an art deco pin and pearls, and then we put her hair back with a flower. Trust me that is a huge deal for Anna.

In the pictures is one of their best friends Yun Soo. She came over after school to get ready.

Meanwhile, Drew had a soccer game without Anna (first one she ever missed) and Miss Jia and I had a date to Barnes and Noble. We bought Jia some books and a DVD and then we had a little treaty. She was very happy to go somewhere by herself without the big girls.

Tomorrow Jia has a party at a place called Pump It Up, it is a bunch of different rooms full of bounce houses and slides and things. Anna is the only person she wants to go with her, so I will get Anna to take some pictures.

By the way, I have been studying VERY, VERY hard to take a test to become a "highly certified" Social Sciences 6-12 teacher. I didn't tell any one because I was afraid...But today I took the test and I PASSED!!!!!!! I was so excited.

More tomorrow...the girls are just party animals. Jia has three weekends in a row with parties.

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Leah said...

You all look gorgeous in your 20's outfits. :-)