Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blessed By Three Thanks You...

I am sincerely humbled that our little family blog has reached 20,000+ hits on our counter! Who knew? When I started blogging it was a way to keep in touch with our far-flung family and give them a picture of our everyday life.

Now I know that there are a good many other people out there reading, I have to believe it is through Tina at The Story of You. She makes the most beautiful blogs mainly catering to those either thinking of adoption, in the process, or who have brought a child home. She is a very special person.

Adoption, especially of an older child determined to be "special needs" (Jia was 3 years old when she became a part of our family) is a scary and I believe a brave thing. There are ups and downs along the way, Jia had a lot of medical issues, but adoption is a life changing experience for you and for your child. It is magical. You have to look at what they have brought into your life, and also how you have changed theirs. It is God's will all the way around.

If you have been reading our blog you know that we also have 15 year old twins from a domestic adoption. Anna and Katie were 6 months old when they came home and they too were called 'special needs" babies. Sadly, in our country race is still a factor in determining whether or not a child is "special needs".
If you even have a fleeting thought of adopting either internationally or domestically--DO IT!

Sometimes uninformed people will say "but don''t you want your own kids?" how angry that makes me! Never in my wildest dreams do I ever think that Katie, Anna and Jia are not our own. We are a family, just like all of you, the only difference is we may look a little different. We don't even notice it until someone points it out.

I also want people to know that our big girls are proud to be adopted, they have no qualms at all about talking about it. When they get the question (and they do) "don't you want a real Mother?" They are disdainful and say "we do have a real mother just like you". Little Jia says "I'm from China, but I'm home now".

Wow, 20,00! I am so honored. If there is anyone out there that has any questions at all about adoption please feel free to email me at Until then, Let me leave you with this quote that I have posted before:

"This is for all the Mom's and the families that take care of the babies and children no matter where they come from...there is no race or religion, no class system, no color, nothing, no sexual orientation that makes us better than anyone else, we are all deserving of love." -Sandra Bullock's 2010 Academy Award Acceptance Speech


EvaNadine said...

as someone who is adopted, i take my hat off to you! i wish more people were open to adoption, especially of older children, special needs children and children of other races.
growing up, it always infuriated me whenever people would ask about my "real" mom -- my mom IS my real mom.
your kids are truly lucky to have you.

Lesa said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It's nice that you understand some of the things that well meaning but sometimes hurtful people say. I thank God everyday that I have the children I do. There isn't only one way to build a family and we both know that.
Best! Lesa