Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I love my husband, but he is the most low key person I know. He read The Miami Herald this morning. (a big newspaper wouldn't you think?) had his cereal, didn't wake me up, and went to work. We didn't talk during the day, and he just left the newspaper on the table like he usually does. I didn't think to look at it.

Well, when the girls got home, they came running up the stairs to show me today's Miami Herald. Our own Anna Parnham was chosen as an Honorable Mention soccer player in the 5A-6A (biggest schools in the county) division! As a 10th grader!!!!!!!

Now I'm not saying Drew's not proud of Anna, we just have such different temperaments, I wanted to run up and down the street and call everyone I know. I asked him if he bought extra papers, of course he had not. Me, I would have bought 30 copies that would sit in a box for 10-15 years until Anna could show her kids, and wallpaper her bathroom with them. (I did send Drew out and he found 2 more).

in Drew's defense, I am having a "not leaving the house day"

Way to go Anna! Just one more thing to add to that college file, and to give her a sense of accomplishment doing something she loves!

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