Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heeeerrrrrreee's Katie!

It is very hard to catch Katie with a camera. I feel bad that a lot of times my blog is filled with Anna and Jia, both of whom love to have their pictures taken.

That doesn't mean that Katie isn't doing all kinds of interesting things. She is our serious kid with through the roof grades, a perfectionist (her room is always the cleanest in the house)

This weekend she is going to a 1920's party. We went shopping at the Salvation Army for a glitzy Flapper dress.

Katie is just a lot more low key than her sisters. She is totally in love with her pug, Benny-Foo and spends a lot of time reading.

Right now, Katie is trying really hard to get a summer job, she has applied to the super markets who seem to be the only places that will hire a 15 year old. If that doesn't work out, she is hoping for a steady babysitting job like she had last year.

Isn't this a cute outfit she put together?

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Writing Without Periods! said...

Good luck on the job, Katie. I'd hire you. You look very professional like a good employee should.