Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Birthday, the Paint, the College, the Pay Phone

We have been really busy around here.  I blogged all about it-then I lost it, text, pictures, everything but the title. This was enough to send me to bed. Now I am going to try again.  Birthday with my family was wonderful.  They took me to one of my favorite place to eat and then to Barnes and Noble where Jia found the last surviving pay phone in the United States.  Katie our resident germophone  screamed "PUT THAT DOWN!"

Speaking of Katie, she has decided to come home from Stetson.  Being away from home was very difficult for her.  So her new plan is to live at home, get a job and go to Florida International University, which is located in Miami and has her intended major (Education K-3 with a specialty in ESE)  This is a specific program and it is one that Stetson did not have.  So perhaps this was for the best.

Katie has taken over the cooking in our house.  We are now eating WAY healthier.  She loves to cook, and I hate it so it works well.

Katie is redoing her room, she and her Dad are turning it into a dorm room.  When she is done we will take pictures she has some great ideas.  Meanwhile Jia is doing a great job (hmmmm...) helping her Dad and her sister help painting.

Anna is having a great time in college she has really bonded with the other kids on her floor they do all kinds of things together when they are not working.  I am going to let her to post and let her tell about her exploits.  My baby is coming home this weekend on the train.  after we bought the tickets we found out that UCF has a shuttle bus to Miami and it is much cheaper, so next time...

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