Monday, September 3, 2012

Katie and Anna Together Again!

Katie at the Deland Pottery store
She made an owl
Anna at the DeLand Pottery store
No surprise she made a giraffle
Giraffe spots
You'll notice the place is big
WHO is hard at work??
Katie and Anna's  weird version of Yoga
Notice Benny is trying to do yoga on the floor
Kaie's tiny dormroom
This is sOOOO not yoga
I made her a deal to at least go to college with regular color hair
and she did ask me....
Wonder i she will do the same in November when she turns 18!
Bennyfoo in his bed with all of his toys
he is just going with the flow!
I have been begging the girls for pictures and finally I got some!  Anna drove to Stetson for Labor Day.  The schools are about 40 minutes apart.  To my relief they were their own silly selves.  Dying Anna's hair back to blue on the ends. pretending they were doing yoga (neither one really knows how) and visiting a pottery place that is on the main street of DeLand. Anna has made friends with Katie, showed her that it is not a big deal to eat in the cafeteria alone, and to join some dorm events.  Tonight the whole dorm is having a slumber party in the commons area.  With Katie's penchant for neatness I don't know if that will  work out...
Tomorrow Anna leaves in the afternoon to go back to UCF.. We get to go up to or parents weekend at UCF on September 14th.  So Excited.

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