Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jia's Weekend- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly or Thank God for Katie

Since everyone is home today we decided to take Jia to a place called Java Joe's   it is an indoor bounce house, wall climbing, slide etc.  There was a game room as well, we haven't counted the amount of "coins" she won but she got a wonderful assortment of plastic toys to show for it. One of the funniest part of the day was in the game room, they had this booth that simulated a category 1  hurricane we had a big laugh at Jia's expense!

Next stop was Barnes & Noble where Jia got a puzzle that Mom and Katie will help her with.

Jia then went to help do the family grocery and checked out the brown M&M.

 Jia at Little Java's
Jia at the beginning of her hurricane experience
 The  storm is getting harder
The eye of the storm
This is how exciting our lives are, we are taking pictures at the Grocery store!

My college, but I am a Gator though and through!
Ok, here comes the ugly part - remember Jia is in the THIRD GRADE.  She had to study for a Social Studies test, here is some of the information:  Name the three branches of government and what they do, how many states does it take to ratify the constitution, who was responsible for presenting the idea for three branches of government etc.  THEN she had to choose a project idea for her Science Project that will make up over half of her Science grade for the second quarter.  Thank God for Katie who is patiently working with Jia.

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