Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little School and BIG SCHOOL

The only pictures we got at UCF were in front of this pretty blue sculpture
on the way out

She is such a ham!

How I love this girl and her sisters...

Okay, another one of my phobias, I will not sleep in hotel beds or on pillows, so my
family bought me a sleeping bag
this is actually in the car
on the way home I slept door to door without budging
that was a good thing!

I know that I have been awful with my blogging lately, luckily Anna has been keeping you updated on her many activities. I can only blame my reluctance to post on one thing and that is my sadness about the events that are happening. Please understand that I am thrilled for the girls-so proud, so excited that they are excited, HOWEVER- these events, however wonderful they may be involves our precious girls leaving. This also involves many, many 4 hour trips for me that have me quite anxious, but knowing I would never miss going .
Although the two colleges are very close to each other, nothing has been scheduled at the same time.

We went to UCF to Scholars Day with Anna, the time was so structured that we never got to take any pictures. Wish there had been time to take pictures of the dorm rooms. I have seen my share and most look like prison cells, these are gorgeous, with furniture and a maid service! This was the first time Anna went to the school and I was very impressed with the way that she took the initiative to ask questions during the time that different organizations had booths set up for Q&A.

As for "little school" Jia's Science Fair was last night. Each class k-2 did a project with their teachers. Jia's class project was on acidity and what liquid would make pennies shinier. Their conclusion-lime juice. They also had stations set up for kids to do little science projects. It was run by one of the local high schools Science Honors Club (not K & A's school) The kids met well but they had projects on plate tectonics, erosion, acid rain etc. for the k-2 set, and no one had spoken to them about how to explain things on that level. Anyway, Jia loved the night, got pizza, had Dad AND MOM with her and then got to go to Barnes and Noble for a magazine. I did not take the camera--see how badly I am slipping??

I'll try to do better.

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