Sunday, April 22, 2012

Katie's Bonner Second Interview Round

Ready to take on the world!
Ready to eat a lot of stuff!
Jia wishes her big sister good luck.
Beautiful Katie!
Mom's so proud!

The Parnham women traveled to Deland to take Katie to her second round interview for the Bonner Scholarship.  Eighty students applied for the scholarship and it was narrowed down to twenty.  On Friday night those twenty students (including Katie) traveled to Stetson to be interviewed by 14 different people.  Only ten students can be chosen, and the competition looked formidable, I am hoping that our beautiful and worthy Katie is chosen for this honor.  I worry so much.

Katie was very poised, and of course she was dressed as though she was applying to a job interview at a huge company.  Please, please, please say a prayer for her, she wants this very much.

Next week we go back to Deland for Hatter Saturday, this is when Katie registers for housing, register for classes, and gets her id and email.  All accepted students are attending this, and Katie is planning on meeting the girl she made friends with on Facebook.  She is also hoping that this is when she finds out if Bennyfoo is accepted.

Drew is going along on this trip, as I did not do well at all and was very unhappy with myself. 

On the Anna front, she goes to "Grad Bash" on Friday night, Seniors go on buses to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando.  Katie hates roller coasters so she didn't want to go to this event anyway, so it worked out well.  Anna will only have to stay home from early Saturday morning until Saturday evening.

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