Sunday, April 1, 2012

I found a roommate!!

Chelsea, my new roommate for UCF

I found a roommate for my fall semester at UCF. I had the ability to log on to a website called RoomSurf to potentially find a roommate for college instead of being placed with some random person that I don't really know. I had to answer a questionnaire and a survey and then it found potential matches. There were a couple of girls that seemed interesting but then I got a message from Chelsea (girl above) and I added her on facebook and then we talked for a couple of days and then two days ago, I finally asked if she thought she would want to room with me and she said yes and then I said yes, so we exchanged NID numbers (which are identification numbers that we have to use to request a roommate) and now, hopefully, we become roommates.

I know this picture doesn't really show her face fully but it was the first picture I saw of her and it was weird because I take odd and random pictures so she seemed like the picture roommate match for me :).

-Anna :)

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