Friday, December 23, 2011

Visit to Santa & more...

A few days ago we went to see Santa. Jia was very excited to wear the beautiful dress that Nona and Grandpa bought her last year. It was too big then, but fits her perfectly now. The big girls were good sports and got in the picture too. I have pictures of them with Santa from 1 month old (thank you Mama Rita) until this year. I told them that this will go on even after they are married and have children.

Jia was not shy at all about rolling out her list. The girls both asked for a college

The biggest present that Jia is going to get is a princess bed. This is a gift from Nona and Grandpa. It is a bunk bed that has a slide to get down ( a ladder too) and a secret space underneath with curtains (pictures to come) we bought it from another teacher and it looks like brand new. Only problem is-it has to be assembled in Jia's room on Christmas Eve (that's what Dads are for)

Anyway, Jia is going to get a letter from Santa today asking her to sleep downstairs with Anna as her room is going to be the Pembroke Pines Distribution Center for presents.

Everyone knows there will be a plethora of pictures to follow...

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