Friday, December 16, 2011

Must Read for our Parnham, Sardachuck, Updegrove Families (El too)

To our dear families, I wanted to share this email I received from Katie's teacher:

Dear Lesa and Drew,
What I will tell Katie is that I love to celebrate a birthday and Christmas for days!!! So if the present does not arrive until after Christmas, it will be something for me to look for upon my return.
As I wrote to Katie in my Christmas note to her, sometimes in your teaching life, a student not only walks into your life but also into your heart. Katie walked into my heart. I expect to be in touch with her and cheer her for her successes and dance at her wedding and all sorts of wonderful things. God gave you three beautiful daughters, and I know you are proud of each one. Knowing Anna and Katie has been a privilege. Having Katie with me for three glorious years has been a highlight of my teaching career.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Carol Sheppard

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