Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anna is Silver! But in hearts they are both Gold!

Anna just received a VERY pretigous award. She was nominated as Charles W. Flanagan's choice for The Miami Herald's Silver Knights Award in the Journalism category.

A little history about this award. There are about 14 different categories (English. foreign Language, Math, General Studies, Science, Music etc) Every public, private and charter school in both Broward and Miami Dade county can nominate one 12th grader in each category. BUT they do not have to recommend anyone if they do not think that they have anyone worthy.

It is not a disservice to Anna to say that as educators Drew and I have never seen anyone who has won or received honorable mention, but just the nomination alone is HUGE beyond belief.

Anna has to write up a charity project, go for an interview with educators from around the two counties, interviewers with The Miami Herald and (mom says) find a way to get this information addendum (ed) onto her University of Florida application.

As far as Flanagan High School goes, she will get her name on a gold plaque in the office and at the Senior Awards Ceremony she will be individually recognized for this accomplishment. At the same ceremony Katie will be recognized for her scholarship to Stetson.

We are not sure when this ceremony will take place, they are a little secretive about their dates...

The girls are tired, especially Anna as big yearbook deadlines are coming up. I think the holiday vacation will serve them well.

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