Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Senior Awards Night-Beautiful Girls

Katie and Anna are helping out at tonight's Senior Awards Night. Anna is there to sell yearbooks and Katie is there as a representative of National Honor Society as an usher.
Both of the girls bought new dresses on their own and picked them out themselves. I think they did a great choice.

The girls have a very packed schedule in the next few weeks. They just completed Drivers Ed, where the teacher said that Anna was the best driver and when she was calling out perfect scores she said "and of course, the Parnham girls." Anna has an appointment to get her regular licence. She is thrilled, Katie has no interest in driving.

Anna and Katie are also ushers for Graduation through the National Honor Society. Although it is not the end of the year, What a year it has been for the twins! Yesterday I got to speak to their Honor's English teacher. Katie has had her for 3 years and has also has been her Teacher's Assistant. She raved about Katie and has nominated her for several scholarships. Anna is also eligible for (hopefully) scholarships through Journalism. Both of them have already reached the number of service hours that will give them the prestigious silver cord award when they graduation next year.

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