Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Family Pics

The pool is still a little cool, Anna chickened out.

Drew is determined to get Jia swimming this summer
She is nervous so it is much harder
than Katie and Anna

Getting Ready for school
Mom does "piggies"

Anna Fashion Show Pt.1
(we decided to give the girls an allowance
Anna spent hers immediately,
Katie's is stashed in that mysterious bank account she now has a debit card for

The back of Anna's vest, very pretty

Going out with the family!!!!!

I can't tell if this is a real phone or not
But on Saturday Anna, Jia and I did some errands
Katie and Drew did others.
When Jia's Dad didn't come home until about an hour after us
she called him three times.

Bear and Bella
They look like Siamese (cat) twins

I have a whole lot of pictures on the camera and I thought I would share, no particular order. The girls are counting down until the end of the school year, and I am too, it will be great to have them around.

We have a very busy summer ahead. Most importantly Anna and Katie have to visit more colleges. They both have their hearts set on one, but I told them they need to apply to at least 4.
Drew is taking classes to become a Drivers Ed Instructor and may be given a class at the middle part of the summer. Speaking of Drivers Ed, both girls are in the class now-Anna has been driving for almost a year and drives better than we do. Katie has no interest whatsoever.

Anna will be going to University of Florida for her Journalism conference again, Katie is desperately pursuing a summer job, and then of course a trip to Calgary.

The funniest thing is that Anna and Katie are both taking their Physical Education class this summer ON THE COMPUTER! this I have to see.

Little Jia has plans to learn how to swim, go shopping and plan her birthday party which I think we will move up a little earlier so she can have it before school is over.

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