Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

What sweet and thoughtful kids I have. They made my day special from beginning to end. On the Friday before Mother's Day weekend Publix collaborates with Jia's school, they give each of the kids a heart shaped cake and let them decorate them. Jia put hers in the second fridge and was very proud to have a secret present on Sunday. She also made me a sweet card, it was made by the teacher with blanks to fill in about their Moms. Here is hers"

My Mom: My Mom has blue eyes and brown/blond hair. My Mom weighs _____ pounds and is _____years old. (love those blanks, what a smart kid!) My Mom is prettiest when she wears dresses. I like it when she cooks spagyies (spaghetti). She likes me to help her clean. My Mom likes to go to the mall. I love my mom very much and I know she loves me, too. Happy Mother's Day to a SPECIAL mom. Then she wrote "you are the best Mom, I will love you forever"
That's a keeper! (each girl has a plastic box with all of their sweetest papers and artwork.)

Lets not forget my big girls, they used some psychology on my presents--gift cards, which makes me have to leave the house. How smart is that? I got a card for Kohls, Bahama Breeze and my favorite place--Barnes and Noble! They also made me my favorite dinner and we had Jia's cake for dessert. A perfect day from some perfect kids. I am so very blessed. Thanks to God for knowing that these were the right children for me.

P.S. I forgot to mention another surprise from one of my sweet girls, if you looked at Facebook yesterday Anna's status and profile picture was a picture of me holding Anna and Katie as babies and it said, "Happy Mother's Day to the BEST mom in the world!! If it wasn't for her (and my dad) my sisters and I would not be here right now! I love you sooooo much mom!"

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