Thursday, February 24, 2011


Jia has her monkey wallet with money from Nona and Grandpa
she is going to hit the book fair

Jia found many things with Anna's help at the book fair

Dad and Jia checking in for the box lunches

Jia and Mom "rock on"

Parker's competition: Devin

The Reading Girls

Checking on Katie

Anna doing some homework
Drew's idea of reading

Mom's favorite thing-READING!

Jia finishing her Deli Dinner

Sweet picture: Anna reading to her little sister

Jia's school sponsored "Reading Under the Stars" the other night. They have done this since Katie and Anna were in elementary school. It is a really neat idea. You sign up for box lunches from a fantastic local deli, go to the book fair, and then everyone goes out to the blacktop, sits on blankets and have a box lunch while you are reading to your child.

Katie decided to sit this one out, but the rest of the family went and a good time was had by all!

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