Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Girls

The Parnham Family NHS Induction 2011

Stage in the Library

Daddy and his "G"

Anna Accepting her certificate

Katie accepting her certificate

Our Girls

Anna's Certificate of Induction

Katie's Certificate of Induction

Anna and Katie with their Best friend Yunsoo

All of the Parnham Women

Katrina and Anna

Rabia, Katrina and Anna

Anna, Olivia (friend since 7th grade), Yunsoo, Katie
The Parnham Girls

Tonight Katie and Anna were inducted into the Flanagan High School Honor Society. They have been going to meetings since November but tonight was the formal ceremony. Katie is already the Chairperson of a huge project that the Honor Society is sponsoring and it was her idea. I am going to let her post about that herself. Thought you might enjoy these pictures of the evening's festivities.

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