Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stetson University

The entrance to Stetson University

The only picture with a person in it and it is
Anna not Katie!

One of several historical buildings on campus

The campus is surrounded by churches
This is the Methodist Church

This used to be a tower and it was knocked over by a hurricane
they will be rebuilding it. It used to have bells, the bells are now spread over the campus.

Hi, it's Katie!

The whole family went on a 4 hour drive this past Saturday to take a tour of Stetson University. We went on this trip because Stetson is my number one choice of colleges!! And the university definitely surpassed our expectations of the small, private school. It was abolutely amazing!
For one, the majority of buildings are brick, which is a big seller for my Mom! But the main reason I love Stetson is because of its small student population. The entire school has less students than our high school! And I'm definitely more comfortable with smaller groups of people. So having classes with only 19 to 20 other students sounds pretty fantastic! Another reason I really like Stetson is because they have a special dorm for students who want to bring their pets to college! You can bring dogs, cats, birds, and other small furry creatures! Of course, I really want to take Benny Foo with me. I think he'd look great in forest green!
Our tour was an hour long and besides our family had only three others members . We had the absolute best tour guide ever!! Steven, a student amassador and member of many other programs, took us around the school and explained which buildings were which and answered my Mom's many questions everyone else was too quiet to ask. He told us about the 24-hour computer labs, the meal plans, the planned food fights, and the school tradition to throw a person in the fountain when it's their birthday. We also learned all about the clubs, sports teams, greek life, and the study abroad program! Overall, the trip to Stetson was amazing!

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Gerri said...

We're thrilled that you enjoyed your visit to Stetson! Please don't hesitate to email or call if you have any questions. Regards, Gerri Bauer, New Media Coordinator, StetsonU,, 386-822-8922. P.S. Your blog is one of the prettiest I've seen.