Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good or Bad News?

Lesa's Last Classroom?

I heard from the Social Security office on Friday. I have been approved for benefits. This has come much faster than I thought, and my Dr.s' were thinking I would have to go through an interview process, but I got it sooner than expected. Hmmm....good or bad?

I have mixed feelings. None of my Dr.'s will let me go back to a teaching position, or at this point, any position at all. When I am feeling better, I will be able to work part time with a limit as to how much money I can make. I am relieved and sad. Does that make any sense?

A bit of very sad news, my sister-in-law Jenny is home in Jamaica as her Mother passed away. I know that Jenny's heart must be heavy as I know she didn't see her Mom as much as she would have liked to. Please send prayer for Jenny and her family.

Special thanks to Craig, A.T. and V.B., Dr. Massey, Dr. Pascal and of course Drew for helping me sort out the Social Security red tape.

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