Sunday, October 17, 2010


The boy in the middle is Devin. He is in serious trouble as both of the Jia's are madly in love with him.

Getting last minute instructions. The Jias' are standing together.

Choosing animals

Ah Ha! Way to go, our Jia has Devon for the moment!

See the look in her eyes? At least she picks the cute ones!

Jia's finished product! She was most impressed that her dog had underwear.

In this picture you can see Kayla Jia's older sister in the background. Both girls were adopted as infants.

We have mentioned before that for the past two years our Jia has been in class with another Jia adopted from China. Because of this, our Jia is known as Jia-Li in class.

Anyway, the other Jia had her birthday party at Build-a-Bear in the mall. I let Drew loose with the camera and I think he took 1 million pictures. There were only 2 Dad's there and they both went wild with the photography (guess thats the manly thing to do at a 7 yr old party)

Anyyway, here are the many, may pictures Drew took. Be warned.

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