Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day with Little Jia

All of the girls really spoiled me today, and I took advantage of it! I woke up with Jia poking me in the arm saying "Mom, Happy Valentines Day!" I had to tell her first of all that it wasn't Valentines Day and second of all I had no intentions of waking up at that moment.

Drew, Katie and Bennyfoo went out and got me bagels for breakfast. I told all the girls they had to make me cards, no Hallmark allowed. They were all beautiful, I will do a post on them tomorrow. Then I asked for a pair of red converse sneakers. They are so cute with jeans.

Anna and Katie made dinner. Drew paid for Jia to be able to decorate a little cake for me in school, this is sponsored by Publix, she was so very excited.

All in all we had a wonderful day and I am very, very grateful for the family that I have.

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Jan Lutz said...

Hello Parnham Family!!
How beautiful you are! I came to you by way of Nie. I love to celebrate in your adoption as I am one of 12 adopted children.
Congratulations on your wonderful family, enjoy!