Saturday, May 15, 2010


Anna and Daddy the first year she played soccer

Anna had to wear Dad's Jersey for this picture as her 6 yr old
jersey did not fit 8-) (no all-star at this level)

Second Year

Third Year - The Piranhas

4th Year: The Green Goblins (Katie's last
year playing, she was all-star instead of Anna, hee hee)

5th Year: Gators

6th Year: The Mimes

7th year: "yellows"

8th year: The Sharks

Anna has played soccer since she was 6 years old, mostly with West Pembroke Pines Recreational Soccer (she did take 1 year off to play travel soccer). At West Pines she has played under a lot of different coaches, including Coach Dad. She just finished her last year today. She will still be playing Varsity Soccer for her school, but she is at the end of her rec career. Every year except her first year when they didn't have all-stars, and one year when Katie beat her, she has played on the rec teams she has been chosen as an All Star, one of the 2-4 best players on her team. At the end of the season there is an All Star game, and Anna's last one was today. A bittersweet Mom day. We all wore tee shirts that we made, and I found ALL her jerseys and we have a photo retrospective of her "career".

Where did the time go? Where did my baby go?

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