Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks Nona and Grandpa!

Jia's choice of dress

Jia is very pleased and started turning circles

Katie bought this top, the one below, a dress and another top
you can bet she had money left for her account.

Anna got a $6 shirt and ordered a jacket online, none of this money will ever see the inside of her bank account

Another pretty top. Katie is like Howard Hughes, no one knows how much she has tucked away.

The girls got money from their Nona and Grandpa for Easter. When money comes their way, my children head for Target (or in Katie's case, the bank) ! Katie was looking at dresses, so Jia decided she needed one too, she searched, without help until she found the one she liked and then tried 2 different sizes on to see which fit. She also used part of her money to go to Disney on Ice on Saturday, her sister Anna will be her chaperon. Ps. Katie would like her Nona to know that the hats (toques???) she made sold out first, and now she is frantically making more. This is for Invisible Children, a very worthy project.


Karen Karlsen said...

Your girls are gorgeous, Lesa! I too am blessed with three. It's quite a bit to juggle, eh?

Lesa said...

yep, there is always something interesting going on! My little one keeps us all hopping.