Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Heros

You probably don't remember, but at the beginning of the Olympics I blogged that I would tell you who my personal hero of these Olympic games would be, I had someone in mind, and they did not disappoint. I really thought it would be easy to narrow it down to just this one person, but it was not. So I will tell you my top two heroes.

The first one was the U.S. athlete that I was proud of the whole time and that was Apolo Anton Ohno this young man set new records and handled himself with the dignity and class. I think that Olympians, although many of them are young, should be help to higher standards than others.
I did not think my other hero would be someone that was not an American, but what can you say about someone with the bravery and heart of Joannie Rochette. Every time I saw this young woman it brought tears to my eyes. As the mother of girls I know she did exactly what her Mom would have wanted and she was , in my opinion, the strongest person at the games. My heart breaks for her.
The games made me want to hop on the first plane to Vancouver. What a beautiful place. I hope to get to go there someday. It was a successful Olympic games, and I know that some people thought that it would look bad after the show that China put on. Canada went in an entirely different direction and it worked so well for them.
Okay, I do have to tell you the two things I didn't like--I thought the Canadian Women's Hockey team showed a lack of class for their drinking and smoking pictures on the ice in the arena. Also the American athlete that was sent home for his disrespect of his medal. Celebrations like those should be held behind closed doors...
And what about those flowers? My friend said "why are they giving them bunches of broccoli".
Our whole family is sad that the games are over and we think Canada should be over the top proud of what they accomplished!

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