Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Anna promised to continue my blog for a little while and she is promising to put some pictures up tonight with the camera that she bought with her Christmas money. We can only hope.

The illness that I have gives me severe vertigo and effects my eyesight, so please pardon me if this is not all correct. (Who am I kidding, my grammar isn't great in the best of situations)

I did want to get on the blog and pour my heart out again. I want this blog to not only be pictures of our family, but because so many people are reading it, I also want people to realize how important some things are to me.

The children of China will always be close to my heart.

But think about this: I live very, very close to Miami, Florida. (Directly over the county line) Here is some information that I googled this evening: Port Au Prince, Haiti is between 681-713 miles from where I sit. They are my neighbors. It is your Christian duty to help your neighbors.

I have never lived through an earthquake, and I have all the creature comforts most of us in first world nations enjoy. But I also live in a place called "Hurricane Alley" and have lived here since 1968. I have lived through fear, in dark hallways, in the bathtub, because that is the safest place in the house, to the question "do we stay, or do we go?" to noise that sounds like a giant is banging on the roof of your house, as you watch the water rise, to weeks with no water and no electricity. There are huge differences the biggest one is this--with a hurricane you KNOW its coming, there is time to make decisions, and if you feel a little foolish because your shutters are up and it veers off course--thank God, and help your neighbors take their down too. My family always teases me because I am stocked with baked beans, can openers, peanut butter, battery powered everything and bread in a can(there really is such a thing!)

Those things are gone, we have sent them to our neighbors, who need them far, far worse than we ever will.

As of right now charity organizations need MONEY more than anything, they also need non-perishable food, water, any kind of gloves, surgical masks and tents.

You can call any number of non-profits to donate. I have a very small Ebay business of which I send percentages to the Clinton-Bush Haitian Relief Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, The Red Cross and Save the Children.

Our grocery store, Publix, also lets you add on to our grocery bill and 100% will go to Haiti. One more thing, if you saw the concert "Hope for Haiti Now" they have a beautiful CD of the concert that you can purchase online for $7.95, profits going to Haiti.

Please don't donate once and forget...

And while I am talking about that.... don't forget another neighbor, right here in the United States, New Orleans, which is only 670 miles from where I sit still needs A LOT of help. Sign on to Make It Right NOLA to see the progress and miracles that have been made.

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