Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The End

Anna's last Varsity game as a 10th grader

Coach and Proud Daddy

Crazy Anna and Conservative Dad

Tonight was Anna's last school soccer game. Unfortunately they lost. Their final record was 10-9-1. It was freezing--in the 40's. I had to go to the car for the second half, I felt like one of those frozen iguanas I wrote about yesterday.

We have one day (tomorrow) before Anna's Rec soccer practice starts on Thursday night. Drew is going to be the head coach on this team. I hope it gets warmer for these games...

The big girls have exams this week and they will start new classes on January 20th. Katie will have Spanish II, Anatomy and Physiology Honors, World History Honors, and Teacher Assistance (a class usually opened only for 11th and 12th graders.) Anna is taking Spanish II, Algebra II Honors, American History Honors, and Yearbook.

Anna is hoping to attend a Journalism Institute at University of Florida this summer (Go Gators) and has just received her application . She is honestly thinking that she will pursue a career in Journalism. As a proud Mom I also have to tell you that she was also invited to a sports and exploration program at Yale University (gasp!) this summer.

Both Anna and Katie got invitations to educational camps at the University of Miami, but I think Katie will continue her babysitting and money making pursuits.The way Katie saves she may be the next Donald Trump.

I will let the girls tell everyone their grades, but I will say--we are very proud and they are very, very good.

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