Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lazy, Summer Days

Jia is learning to swim this summer with Dad's help

Anna-Red, White and Blue (hair)

Opening Nona and Papa's box

Finding out she is indeed, Scottish

Ellen and Katie playing Wii tennis

First of all, let me say congratulations to our niece and nephew Christy and Michael on the birth of their second child Wesley Jack. We are so happy that they have been blessed with another beautiful and healthy son!

We have been lazy and just hanging around here. The girls have had a few parties, but other than that we have been enjoying the pool, a visit from Ellen and her granddaughter Daphne and of course shopping.

Little Jia received her birthday box from Nona and Papa, she was very thrilled, we let her open the box but would not let her open the presents. She handled that well (much better than Anna does!)

We will be celebrating her birthday this Saturday, June 13th although her birthday is June 18th. Our plans keep changing, but as of right now, Jia is going to Wannado City with Parker and his brother Cody. Anna and Katie will go in with them to chaperone. After that we will come home for balloons, cake, ice cream and presents. She is very excited.

I am feeling guilty, I wanted to invite her class, but didn't get the invites out on time. I am anxious, very anxious , that she will have fun. I used to plan A & K's parties down to the last little thing, I think if I were 100% I would have had it under control. GUILT.

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