Saturday, June 27, 2009

Girl Stuff

The girls with their giraffe shirts-Jia was thrilled that she had a shirt like Anna. She said Anna had the Mommy and Daddy and she had the baby on her shirt.

Jia constantly tells her sisters "your my best friend"

Katie is the richest person in the house this summer!

Jia prepares a big tea party.

Yummmmm a good cup of tea.

Love this smile, what a happy kid!

Jia and Mom showing off the bracelets that Anna and Jia made.

Putting Jia away for the night...hee hee!

Just a few pictures this week. Jia is thrilled with the giraffe outfit that Nona and Papa bought her for her birthday. Notice in the picture that Anna has a giraffe shirt too which made things extra special for Jia.

Also pictures of Jia with the tea set that Nona sent.

Katie is working hard she has a daytime babysitting job for one of her former teachers. She watches a little 2 year old named Brooke 3 days a week.

Anna has soccer practice from school and is really good about helping me do errands. Sometimes Drew even joins us! (he goes crazy when he is on vacation, needs a project!!)

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