Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lola's in the doghouse....

I am sooooo sorry!

Poor Max in his Space Dog suit

One of Jia's brighter moments, she won the pig in a raffle at the Silver Palm's Bike Rodeo

Brains, beauty and athletic ability!

Someday we will get a picture of poor, lovely Katie doing something other than homework

Wanted to show those of you who haven't seen us for a while how tall my baby girl is.

Things are looking up. What a week! Jia is feeling better, but still not close to 100% she is sleeping as I write this. Jia missed three days of school last week. We did, however, have a meeting with her new teacher Ms. Emler, her Speech Pathologist, and her ESOL Specialist (Jia's home language is designated as Mandarin Chinese, this allows her benefits, mostly on standardized tests) Mrs. Emler was so much more upbeat than those in her other school. She gave Jia very high marks for socialization and conduct, she positively praised Jia's efforts academically and let us know that Jia is trying really hard but admitted what we already knew-that Jia is academically behind her classmates and will have to repeat Kindergarten. We had already planned that, so no worries!

On the killer dog front, things got uglier. When we last left blog world Max was at the vet. It turns out that Lola did serious damage, cut muscles, lost skin and had to have 3 stitches inside and 10 stitches outside! Whew! Drew didn't even want to tell me how much it cost at the vet, and I now wish I didn't know--$600. Whoahhhhh!!!!! Max is his usual sweet self and Lola seems to have calmed down, but it was traumatic.

Anna had soccer pictures today, so I posed her and took some of my own.

We are very excited about the Academy Awards, Anna would get excited if there was an awards show for best homework assignment!

Being the glamorous, talented and beautiful women that we are, we will be giving deadly critiques of those who walk down the red carpet and then we will be crossing our fingers and our toes for every award available to go to "Slumdog Millionaire" what a wonderfully layered movie. If you haven't seen it yet, GO NOW!

(By the way, ladies in my lottery club, we are NOT Slumdog Millionaires this week, so I will see you at work on Monday) Enjoy the pics...

Say a prayer for my Mommy whose 7oth birthday would have been tomorrow....

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