Sunday, April 21, 2013

Katie is Sooooo Wonderful!

Katie has had A LOT of achievements lately and we are so proud of her.  A couple of weeks ago Katie won First Place in FIU's first year experience essay test.  There are about 4-5,000 kids in the freshman  class at the school.  We are so proud of her.

Katie's Uncle Craig and Auntie Jenny sent Katie a congratulatory gift and a really sweet note.  Even though they only live in Georgia we see them rarely and the present was a very thoughtful thing. 

Final exams this week and next for both girls.  Katie just got the results for her first one, which is her Education class-99%

Katie is going to hate me for writing this but she has also had a few other major accomplishments.

1.  Her Education group finished early and they were asked to help the other students.  They were then allowed to finish the class early.
2.  Katie's First Year Experience teacher recognized her in class for her Essay and gave her a present.
3.  Katie's went up to her Environmental Science Professor to ask a question.  He said "Hello Katirna" (she was shocked that he knew her name) he then proceeded to ask Katie if he could use her project as an example for future classes. 

She has worked so hard and has really found her place. 


Debbie Sauer said...

Congrats to all of you! Such hard workers in your family. Blessings

Lesa said...

Hi Debbie, I am so glad we are facebook friends now. Katie had a rocky start this year, she is very introverted and I am so glad that good things are happening for her!