Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm Back!

I was going to close this blog down as so many people are exclusively facebook friends these days, but I was looking through the other night and just didn't have the heart to. It is a history of my family just like photo albums used to be.

I promise you that there will be very little political liberal politics in this family blog, but sometimes there just has to be something that crosses party lines and touches your heart.
The recent actions of godless people who hurt others is unfathomable.

My brother, a staunch Republican, and a retired U.S. Airborne Ranger said it best:  "no civilian should be able to buy an assault weapon for any reason EVER. "  We both come from a family of hunters with grandparents who lived in a heavily wooded area, there were rifles and a handgun in that home. I agree with him 100% on the issue of having rifles for hunting and hand guns for protection.

How can you explain this evil?

Gabby Gifford

Sandyhook Elementary

Boston Marathon,0,839233.story

and closest to home:

I promise  if you keep reading the next post will be on a much happier note:  Re; Katie's achievements, Annas's Community Service and most importantly ANNA IS COMING HOME!

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