Saturday, February 23, 2013

Way Too Long

I have been so caught up (okay addicted) to Facebook that I have been really bad at posting on "Blessed by Three."  So many things I need to catch up with.

First of all, Katie and I made a trip to Jia's school and did two classes about China and the Chinese New Year. It is the year of the Snake so Jia was a big hit when she brought fake snakes, lanterns and zodiac calenders with snake pictures.  Jia has finally grown out of her authentic Chinese wear, so we ordered her a tee shirt that read "Little Sister"  in Chinese.  Jia is so meek and mild at school, I'd like them to see her at home.  Anyway, the other night I asked if I was the only person in the family that still wants to explore our Chinese heritage.  I asked Jia if she wanted to be Chinese.  Her response:  Mom, I'm already Chinese, if you do it again it will really freak me out!

Speaking of little "G" she just got an award at school.  It is called the BUG award, this if for bringing up grades in 2 or more classes. Her sisters had a great time calling her a cockroach and a spider, a fly etc.  Jia decided that the only bug she would be is a firefly  because they glow.  She sure is glowing!  All A's and B' with one "C" in Social Studies.

Jia's school had their annual "Reading Under the Stars event.  You have a ziti dinner, desserts, go to the bookfair where you spend too much and then take beach towels and flashlights to the outdoor basketball court and read with your parents "under the stars" .

Okay, we have two other daughters-  Katie is really "tearing it up" in school. She has straight A's and she is doing observation at an underprivileged 4th grade class. She goes back to school on Sundays to work in the Math lab, and her Sociology Professor cited Katie's paper as an exemplary way to write.

Anna is having fun at school, she just designed a really great yearbook ad for Jia.  She will be heading home for Spring Break on the 9th.  We are excited to see her.  It won't be long before they are both home for the Summer.  Both have good, exciting news, but that is for them to tell at a different time.

In other news, my niece Gabriella just had a baby boy, her second child. My other niece it pregnant with a boy named Gabriel, Cathy Krueger-Clark who is like an Aunt to the girls (their Mom was their caretaker when they were little) is having a son named Blake, who will join his beautiful sister Briana.  Drew's niece Christy is also waiting for a little one. Anna will be home for Cathy's baby shower and Jia is VERY excited that she will be attending her first shower.

 Jia receiving her BUG award

Jia and her awesome teacher Mrs. Williams
(Anna had Mrs. Williams when she was at Silver Palms)

Katie Working SSSOOO hard

Below:  Anna and Chelsea (her roommate)
I can't get this caption to go underneath
I need Anna, my computer expert!

Well. as always. way too long.  Nona we love you so much!

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