Wednesday, May 23, 2012


1. The day started with hair appointments, our hair dresser Franny has been doing my hair for 10+ years. The girls gave her pictures and she did a great job.
2. It started pouring rain and never stopped until after the kids were already at the prom.
3. Fabians's Mom came to take pictures. She was the only one to get the flowers on.
4. Anna and her boyfriend Fabian paid to go in a limo with a bunch of friends, turns out the Limo broke down and they had to ride on a party bus .
5.  Katie decided to go with 2 other good friends and was driven by one of the girls father. This was really nice as the event was over by the beach.
6. Still raining, Anna's dress got very wet and she was upset.
7.  Kids came home-had a great time!
okay, I am going to try to do pictures again, if it doesn't work check back later when Anna can help me.

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