Sunday, May 6, 2012

Anna's Prince Charming

Anna's beautiful purple prom flowers! 

Setting up for a surprise with Poppa Bear

Perfect fit!

The best boyfriend!

The funniest dad has ever been!

Don't die before the prom!

Katie, the family artist!

Anna's choice!

Ready for the answer!

Anna is stunned!

Which will she choose?!

She said yes!!

She is soooo happy!

Hugs and Kisses! XOXO

The happy prom couple!

Fabian and his sweetheart!

Let me say this-  Anna has the best boyfriend in the world.  He treats her like a princess, is friends with Katie and is very, very patient with Jia.  He is part of the family, he watches sports with Drew, and answers any embarrassing question I might ask him.

Fabian enlisted the whole family in a two week long secret project to help him with his unique way to invite her to the Prom which is May 18th.

Today Jia and I were in charge of "getting rid" of Anna under the pretext of going shopping so that Fabian and his cohorts could set up his plan.

First Fabian found out that Anna's prom colors are shades of purple, he painted this huge banner that just fit our garage door and bought purple roses.  Katie (the artist) drew the chalk outline of a dead Fabian on the driveway and the drawing stated "Will you go to the prom with me? yes or no-with 2 boxes and a piece of chalk waiting.

Anna was stunned to say the least.  She was speechless and she was totally surprised.  The pictures are of the whole scenario as it played out.  All I can say is that Fabian is a sweet, chivalrous young man and the whole family hopes they have a magical Prom night.  I love them both!

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