Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Week in the 12th Grade!

The girl who made the shirts for Katie's group did a great job!
tie-died, painted, printed the pattern on fabric paper
and sewed it on all 8 shirts all by herself!

As always a silly pose from Anna

This week Katie and Anna had their Senior Panoramic Picture. This is a huge picture of the whole senior class. Most of the kids apply to appear in the pictures in groups. Some are clubs and organizations and others are just groups of friends. Both Katie and Anna chose to pose with groups of their friends.

Katie had 8 people in her group they made BEAUTIFUL tee shirts that spelled out "U WANT 2 B 1 2 (class of 2012)

Anna had 8 people in her group as well. Their shirts spelled out WE (heart)2012.

Anna took a picture of a panoramic from an older book so you get a sense of what they are doing.

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