Thursday, September 9, 2010

Proud of Katie!

Wanted to give everyone an update on Katie at the beginning of her 11 grade year. Katie studies really hard! She is number 67 in a class of 800, and this upsets her because she thinks she should be higher. Students with higher averages are dual enrolled in the local community college, which was something Katie wanted to do and is eligible for, but we advised her against it as we wanted her to have the whole high school experience. Katie assists her AP English teacher everyday. Mrs. Shepard thinks the world of Katie, had her as an assistant last year, and asked for her back this year.

Katie is also our philanthropist she is part of several campus clubs that have public service as their main goal. Katie has been a member of Invisible Children for two years now. Invisible Children raises money for the victims of war in Uganda. They are helping to make schools and shelters in this country. This year Katie has joined the Asian American Club which raises money for Pakistan. She is also waiting to hear about her induction into the National Honor Society (as is Anna). This group tutors other students after schools and other volunteer activities.

Katie belongs to a community based organization that spends every Saturday morning working with Adopt a Street cleaning up garbage on the side of the road. On most weekends she also works out at the gym with her Dad.

Katie had been a vegetarian for three years. She has an interest in art, she loves to make beautiful collages and will be in Honors Art in the second part of the year.

I wanted to write about Katie as she is one of the most humble people I know. She is happy reading books, being with her pug Benny Foo and watching Law and Order and other crime shows on tv.

Katie is kind and patient with Jia who can sometimes be trying. She will be embarrassed that I wrote this blog entry. But that is okay, I think she is one of the most selfless and sweet people I know and I get to say she is my daughter!

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Terri said...

Katie sounds like a wonder. I am a community college educator and given what you've said, she would do fine on our campus. One course per semester wouldn't hurt.

I've had homeschooled students as young as 12 or 13 in some of my college-level classes.