Monday, August 23, 2010

11-1 More Pics

Humidity is already changing the hoped for straight hair

Katie is putting Jia's snack in her backpack

Jia had to wear this sweater
Temperature: around 98 F

Katie has more dresses than ever!

Anna-11th Grade

Silly faces from our girls!

Today was Back to School for the Parnham girls. Anna and Katie are entering 11th grade. Anna was so nervous she was awake all night. Katie as her clothes picked out for the whole week, and Jia would not let me walk her into school, she told me she knew where to go and only babies got walked in. I asked her if she was going to miss me and she said "no" but then I asked her if she would be glad to see me when I picked her up and she said YES. So i guess that is good enough!

It was a little bit tough for me this morning, so I decided to get dressed as though I were going to school too. Tomorrow it is back to sweatpants.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. And yes, Anna's hair is purple. Hope you enjoy the ton of pictures!

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