Friday, February 5, 2010

Year of the Tiger (a little early)

Chinese New Year this year is on Feb. 14--Valentines Day, so Jia's awesome teacher devoted this week to the Year of the Tiger and next week will be a Valentines theme.

Today Jia dressed in her traditional Chinese clothes, this is one of the larger suits that we brought home from China. And I ordered her Chinese shoes from this really great place called China Sprout. If you are interested in anything Chinese or anything about adoption this is the place to go!

Anyway, Jia was thrilled with the shoes.

Jia took red envelopes in to her class, they had chocolate coins in them. In China, children get these with real money in them. This is China's biggest holiday.

Usually on the real Chinese New Year we take Jia to DragonGate to see the festivities, but they won't be until next week. This morning she asked me if we were going to the Dragon party.She has been there ever since she came to the US . I had to explain to her that it wasn't until next week.

Jia has two other Chinese girls in her class both dressed traditionally and also brought red envelopes so I thought that was kind of cool.

Check back later--you guessed it, soccer night.....

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