Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jia's First Sleepover or Jia is the only one with a Valentines Date

This is a weird day for us. Drew and I decided to postpone our Valentines Dinner until next weekend as the resteraunt we wanted to go to was booked. Anna had a secret admirerer that never overcame his nerves and Katie had no interest whatsoever....

HOWEVER...Jia not only has a date, she is sleeping over at Parker's House. Please don't question our morals, several of Parker's female cousins will be sleeping in the "girls room" with Jia.

We told Jia that if she got scared we would come over and pick her up--no phone call yet. and it is 10:45, so I guess she is staying.

Holding our breath on Men's Moguls--GO CANADA, First Gold medal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH CANADA, YEAH PARNHAMS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS.

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