Thursday, November 26, 2009


Katie's cd was wrapped in a shoe box with socks and underwear (her dog, Benny-foo, also in the picture collects undergarments)

Anna's book was wrapped with pantyhose to make it "squishy"

This book was the next installement in a series Katie is reading, so she was very excited.

Anna loves the "Ripley's Believe it or Not books"

More cd's in shoe boxes

Anna got two pair of jeans rolled up in a shoe box

Katie is reading already

A game that Anna wanted

I bought Katie "The Complete Worst Case Scenario " book, because she is always worried about how she is going to get out of bad situations.

DISCLAIMER: The next several groups of pictures look like we never put the clothes away, but they are actually clothes I am selling for my Ebay business, so please disregard.

The girls had to wait until after school to open their presents. Since they specifically asked for most of them, I wrapped them in unlikely ways and with other things so they couldn't guess what was in each box.

I think they were happy with the day.

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