Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disco Bowling!

Happy 15th Katie and Anna!

Katie and her best friend Rabia

Doing the Chicken Dance

One of the few pictures of the girls together although Katie's eyes look scary

Katie getting a drink, the soda came in bowling ball containers, very cute!

Katie and Rabia again

Is Drew getting grayer as he watches the party?

Having fun

Jia bowling with one of her two best friends (Anna) Jia bowled with Anna and two seniors
Now she has decided that her party will also be disco bowling (which is fine, as long as we don't have it i our house and we can walk away from the mess!

Anna with her yearbook friends. Kristen (on the left) is the editor of the yearbook.
Both are Seniors, they love Anna in her class!

Best friends forever

Katie and her friend Liz

Anna and her friend Sam, who is the soccer goalie

Checking out the stinky bowling shoes
Liz, Sam, Alyssa, Yun Soo, and Katie

Katie, Yun Soo (Katie's other best friend) and Anna

Anna and Katie's little "Mini Me"

I can't believe our babies are 15, they are the most wonderful girls a parent could have.
We have been so very blessed!
Anna had a happy day!

Here are many, many pictures of "Happy 15th Birthday" Part One. The girls decided they wanted to go disco bowling with their friends. We had a combination of Katie's friends, the Flanagan High Soccer Team, and Anna's Yearbook friends. They all seemed to have a really good time...

next year....boys?????? agggghhhhhhhhh.

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