Sunday, October 25, 2009

Picking the Great Pumpkin

The Church always has a huge pumpkin patch. This is a very iffy thing around here. Today's temperature was 86 degrees and very, very humid. Pumpkins do not last long in South Florida, but we decided what the heck, lets go check it out. It was fun, we saw some odd pumpkins--green ones (not ripe?) warty pumpkins (Jia liked those) ones that were orange and white which I liked, but Katie wouldn't let me buy because she said they looked like veins.

The girls each took some time deliberating and then chose their pumpkins. I bought some odd looking squash and some indian corn for our Thanksgiving cornacopia.

How I miss fall! I barely remember it personally...but here is my fall story:

My Mommom (whom Anna (Marianna) is named for, and who was (and is) the single most influential person in my life, used to send me a big manila envelope of the first autumn leaves ever year. From the time I was a little girl until I was in college and she moved to Florida.

Some stories might seem odd, but they are bittersweet and filled with love...

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