Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding and another win!

Out without the kids!

Okay, we'll miss them

Drew, Lesa, Kathy and Ted Meyer

Proud Parents-- Fred and Kathy

Little Sister Katie

Ted can always dance up a storm!

Mother & Son Dance

"The Girls"

Drew and I actually went out without kids (it's been well over a year, maybe two). We went to our dear friend Kathy's son Rich's wedding. I taught Rich when he was in the 7th grade at Apollo (that's just how old I am!) The wedding was gorgeous, Kathy is one of the most talented and creative person I have ever met so everything had her unique touch.

The nicest thing was seeing Kathy and her husband Fred, their children Rich (the one getting married) and Katie and our other old friends Ted and Kathy. I just wanted to say always appreciate your old friends, the ones you have held dear in your heart because even though you may not see them everyday you can always count on them and when you do see them again it is always like you never left each other.

Oh, and during the whole wedding we were getting text updates of the Gator-LSU game--cover of Sports Illustrated this week "Nobody Does It Better!" Tim and the Gators win again.

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