Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers Day Pt 1

Jia's beautiful masterpiece

Jia was very proud of herself!

Jia came home from school today all excited. Her school partners with Publix, they sell the kids little undecorated cakes and then they decorate them at school for Mothers Day. She was very proud of herself!

Next we will be starting the dreaded dinosaur diorama. You would think we had enough stuff in the craft closet for them to build a small army of projects, but every single time a project is due it seems to cost me exactly $30.

Katie is busy studying for her Advanced Placement Human Geography Exam which takes place next Friday the 15th. If she passes the exam she gets a college credit. Even if she doesn't pass it her grade is an A which is worth 6 points so her GPA will bump up.

Anna is on hiatus from soccer, but the school team will be having tryouts and summer fundraisers. Anna is also very excited as their yearbooks have arrived. They have not been distributed yet as Anna and her classmates have to check each and every book to make sure there are no errors.

Almost forgot, Jia's end of the year show is tomorrow morning. I will have some pics of that. We also have our last parent conference...

Sorry if this is jumbled, I'm jumbled too 8-) xoxxo

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