Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jia's Happy Days

Jia has had a busy time lately.  She has been having "Spirit Days" at her school.  I didn't get all the shots, but I have posted some.  Monday was superhero day, Katie and I just happened to be in Target when we got a frantic call from Drew telling us that the next day was Superhero day (one of the bad things about this school is that they don't give you much warning for the things the kids have to bring in/do, on the plus side, I'm shopping for one instead of two this time) Katie and I ventured into the boys section and found an Avengers shirt (I don't even know who they are so good thing  Katie was with me (side note  Jia woke me up the next morning wearing the Avengers shirt and said Mom, this isn't a boy shirt is it?  Now I hate to lie to my children-but it was 6:00 a.m. I was asleep, so I said "no sweetie, its a girls shirt, because we all know that boys are icky.  lol.  Next day was wear red day, we captured that on camera.  After that it was favorite team day--Jisa has many Gators shirts, two UCF shirts, and she decides to wear her Miami Heat Jersey.  Her after care had a Halloween party so she had a quick change into a pumpkin shirt.  Tomorrow is school uniform day.  They have a policy for uniforms, but we have always put in a waiver for exemption.  We do have one uniform that Jia will be wearing tomorrow.

The rest of the pictures are of Jia's trip to the pumpkin patch.  She needed one for science tomorrow. Got to love that kid though--the class is having a party and the teacher said put your hand up for what you want to bring, Jia got her hand up there for napkins!!!!!! Katie would always raise her hand for brownies, homemade candy and gifts for everyone in the class.

Katie and I will be traveling to the polls tomorrow for early voting.  Both girls are angry that they are missing their opportunity to vote in this election. BUT BOY DOES ANNA HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY! CHECK OUT FACEBOOK!

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