Monday, June 25, 2012

Jia & Drew go to Disney during Tropical Deprssion Debby

We promised Jia a trip to Disney for her 9th birthday.  When Drew took Katie up to the "Hatter Trek" (more on that later.) It was all planned that since they were within a half hour from Disney it would be the perfect time to do it. Little did we know that Tropical Storm Debby would make things difficult for them.

Drew and Jia are brave soldiers, they bundled up in their rain gear and hit the park when it opened (fun fact:  They put a barrier line up, the crowd counts down, there are fireworks and then people run into Disney for the opening) Our family did not run, but one of the good spots of the day is that there were not as many people there as usual.

Drew said it went from drizziling at times to torrential downpours. The most important part is that Jia LOVED it. The rain did not distract from her happiness at all.
Ps.  I do not do "worlds" the amount of people, people standing so close, etc. is too much for me.  The good news is that as a UCF student, Anna gets a discount and can buy her ticket for $50 every time she goes there. 

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