Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cold Front????

Today it was 55 degrees - no question it is cold for South Florida. However, my family is bracing for a trip to the Arctic. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 37 degrees. Don't know what they are going to do, they already wore their warmest clothes today...

Kids do show up for school with blankets and bedspreads around them when it is cold, but I don't think that's going to happen here.

I have lived here since 1968, I am the least cold in the house. Anna gets the award for the most whining about being cold, and no one can figure out why Drew says he is so cold.


Sarah R said...

We're in Florida too, and my kids were freezing also! I heard someone mutter the word "tundra." Hahahaha! Thanks for inviting me over to your blog!

Lesa said...

Just noticed your comment, thanks for writing. I noticed you ust hit 70, I was so excited too, even though some people have hundreds...Glad it has warmed up so my family is happy again!